The Self-Driving Cars Revolution is Closer Than You Think


I've been waiting for the self-driving cars revolution ever since I was a kid, reading Boys Life Magazine in the 1990s about the magical future that autonomous vehciles would unleash. 

But now, that future is approaching, faster than many of us think.

VentureBeat has a great run-down of the timeline that automakers are working under to bring autonomous technology to market -- and at the head of the pack? Elon Musk predicts that "by the end of this year a Telsa will be able to drive from Los Angeles to New York City without a human touching the wheel"!

Cities need to immediately start thinking about how to rezone and rebuild to make way for the dramatic changes that self-driving cars will unleash on urban design.  

We think autonomous vehicle technology and the startups that build services and platforms on top of it will be the next big thing. It may be a meme, but seriously -- what a time to be alive!

David Murphy